Well firstly I wish for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year.

2017 had been a unusual year for me, it began with myself back in the UK  and has ended with me back in Colombia sat here as a published author. in that time frame I gained my LGV licience enabling me to be able to drive large trucks.

Later I re trained to be a Driving Instructor and for 6 months the business grew and grew. Almost to the point where there was not enough hours in the day to teach. Talk about over load!

Then I escaped from that madness and returned to the warmth of Cali. Within 3 months I had qualified as an English Tutor and can be seen in the city from time to time tutoring in students homes and offices.

Then out of the blue I found myself working for a US Medical supply company and the end result has been that I have really enjoyed this new environment and friendship from a mixture of Colombians and Americans.

Finally within all this madness i managed to not only write but also publish a fictional book of short stories of various adventures in my head and beyond.

Which has given me most pleasure? I would say all as I am 62 and still accomplishing many things that byrights should not be available to me. I so now look forward to 2018 and I hope all of you do the same. Whatever your crazy idea or wackiest dream. Turn it into a reality and be proud of it. Never reach the end of your life with just regrets of not trying or living. Being outside of the box is fun, believe me I know. Being outside of the box has kept me young at heart and never feeling old.

Oh yes “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” is also available now on Kindle. So another first for this white haired, blue eyed strange man who does not speak much Spanish.

chao y felices Navidad


Looks like certain characters have been on Social media 

I am not totally sure but l am hearing rumours of certain characters  from “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk ” have been advertising themselves  on social media sites.

Namely Stalin the street man;  Rosa the singing Sister; Ximena the sexy Senora and her unforgettable buttocks; One of Simon Bolivar’s veteran soldiers and even Sir Winston Churchill.

I will have to investigate, perhaps you the reader could investigate too.

Let me introduce myself, I am Stalin “The street man who carries a rock”

Please forgive me interrupting your day, but the strange Englishman I see in the street often has problems with his back and is in a private clinic having needles from a chinese woman embedded in his body.

He moans alot about his back pain but his pain is nothing compared to mine.

You will find my history in the stranger’s new book called “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” you apparently can find on both Amazon sites. I tell you this now as tomorrow I will not remember.

I am a little flattered that the stranger has spent the time explaining my situation and I may as well resort to reading like you his blogs, this way I may get to find out more of my previous life. Perhaps you the readers who like what he writes will make comments and write back to me too.

Today is no different to any other day except it is a little more warmer now the rainy season appears to be coming to an end. You may think ah this is good for a streetman who only wears a pair of demin jeans that has been roughly cut by me into a short skirt or falda as is said in my mother’s tongue of spanish.

why do I convert jeans into a skirt, it is simple when I go to the toilet in the street, if I am attacked by the other beggers and killers, I can pull the hem of the skirt down quicker than pulling up and securing a pair of jeans.

my ever trusting rock will make short change of any damaged accuring to my feeble and emancipated body. My life was not always like this and when you read the book you will find out what happened to me, perhaps one of you can remind me from time to time.

I can see the stranger walking back with his lovely wife, he indeed is a lucky hombre, best i make my retreat until the next time he is out and he leaves his computer on.

maybe next time other characters can join me and we can chat to you, tell me who would you like to talk to next?