“Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk”

Hi my name is Mike Bowley and I have been living here in Colombia with my lovely wife Isabel Cristina Rueda Nieto Bowley for just under 5 years. We are both 62 and there the similarities end. I am English and she is pure Colombian.

She has a long name and I have a short one. I have white hair and a pale complexion and she is the most beautiful South American I know. I am tall she is short. She looks 42 I look 142. But we both have great sense of humour and many stories to tell.

Hence why I have decided at such an early age to put pen to paper, or fingers to computer key board and write my first book of short stories culmination in one big finale where all characters have a part to play.

I knew I could follow down the road of a Travelling Blogger and maybe someone would actually read my thoughts. But I suffered a major bang on the head two years ago and out has poured stores of fantasy, magic, realia, truth and pure lies. You the wonderful future readers will have to decide.

I am awaiting the launch date of “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” (English version – release date in next 2 weeks and followed by the Spanish version sometime in January)

In my next blog I will introduce you to some of the characters and you will dicide who is real and who is not hahaha

chao para ahora

Mike B

One thought on ““Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk”

  1. Congratulations, Mike, on these two wonderful achievements: the soon-to-be-published book and now your new Blog! I guess your book will sell quite a lot more than mine, as you have a much wider natural target group. Have a lgreat success.


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