How a few hours can change a life…..

Yesterday I took the huge step in creating my first Blog and later just as I was heading to my  bed I was notified that 2 people had read my first thoughts and liked them. So first a massive thank you to the 2 followers concerned.

I know success is measured in the millions in this age, but going from zero to 2 in one hour is success for me. I followed this step with a follow up email to my publishers in the UK requesting an update on the launch of the first book. This morning I woke up to a returned email answer telling me that this very day they are going to send me the final proof I need to approve for typeset, front and back covers etc!

So now I have felt twice as successful today. It does not end there hahaha.

I then had to visit my Colombian doctor and he gave me brilliant news, my blood pressure had returned to a normal state of affairs, my calesterol was minimal and I had successfully over the last 3 months gone from 109 kgs to 86 kgs!

Finally today is the 27th and that number has followed me for as long as I can remember. when I joined the human race I was born on the 27th. When I joined that famous flying club as a Junior Executive called The Royal Air Force my last 3 digits of my military number was 127.

When one year later they sent me on my first posting overseas to Germany my crate weighed 127 kgs. I lived in room 27 for 3 years.

When I opened my first bank account that I had for 27 years the last 3 digits were yep 127.

When I met Cristina nearly 10 years ago it turned out her birthday was on the 27th and her sons also on the 27th. Yes today is the 27th and it is her birthday.

Success comes in many forms and ways. One day I am going to write a book that will have 27 chapters. not sure when maybe on the 27th next year. hahaha

as I promised I will start to intoduce the characters in the next blog.


Mike B

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