An Intro to just some of the features, objects and characters in “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk”

I promised I would give you a brief intro to some of what and who you will read about in the forth coming book of short stories that all come together in the finale.

So Features first:

The sun and it’s relationship with a rather troublesome Mountain.

The Old craggy road verses the annoying new road with its coat of shiny reflectors.

Then some of the Objects:

An Old people’s home that every now and then had a good story to tell by one of it’s patients.

An abandoned Willy Jeep who once was a in the Phillipines back in 1945.

A little sombrero that befriended a strange man who spoke no Spanish.

A 100 peso coin who decided to bring luck to the same strange man.

A not so impetuous old scorpion who was more than happy to take on the strange man’s finger.

A hummingbird who was a definite hit with the ladies.

Some Characters:

Stalin the street man who walked everywhere with a rock in his hand and memory that only lasted 24 hours each time.

Rosa a young Nun who when all her friends were snoring she was just singing.

Ximena the sexy senora with the buttocks to die for on her equally beautiful quadbike.

Ignacio the retiring truck driver who like his grandfather knew when to say little to gain much.

Well I hope the above will wet your appetite to read all of the book. What I do promise is that book 2 “At Last the Barbarians are Sleeping” continues the lives of many and introduces a lot more new to read and wonder if they are true or not.

Just waiting now for the release date and I am expecting it soon.

Thank you to all who have liked and followed me so far.

Chao para ahora

Mike B

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