Well firstly I wish for everyone to have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and safe New Year.

2017 had been a unusual year for me, it began with myself back in the UK  and has ended with me back in Colombia sat here as a published author. in that time frame I gained my LGV licience enabling me to be able to drive large trucks.

Later I re trained to be a Driving Instructor and for 6 months the business grew and grew. Almost to the point where there was not enough hours in the day to teach. Talk about over load!

Then I escaped from that madness and returned to the warmth of Cali. Within 3 months I had qualified as an English Tutor and can be seen in the city from time to time tutoring in students homes and offices.

Then out of the blue I found myself working for a US Medical supply company and the end result has been that I have really enjoyed this new environment and friendship from a mixture of Colombians and Americans.

Finally within all this madness i managed to not only write but also publish a fictional book of short stories of various adventures in my head and beyond.

Which has given me most pleasure? I would say all as I am 62 and still accomplishing many things that byrights should not be available to me. I so now look forward to 2018 and I hope all of you do the same. Whatever your crazy idea or wackiest dream. Turn it into a reality and be proud of it. Never reach the end of your life with just regrets of not trying or living. Being outside of the box is fun, believe me I know. Being outside of the box has kept me young at heart and never feeling old.

Oh yes “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” is also available now on Kindle. So another first for this white haired, blue eyed strange man who does not speak much Spanish.

chao y felices Navidad


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