62 year old Journeyman falls down mountain and ends up becoming a writer!

Yes it is true, I have been working since I was 10 years old when my father refused with his fists to let me have some pocket money like all the other kids in my class seemed to be enjoying.

I learned quickly if I wanted anything in life then I had to bring home the money to enjoy what I wished for. So of I went and starting deliverying milk at 2.30 in the mornings with the local milk man and his electric cart. As soon as I had finished that I was of to the local Newsagents and with no bike I walked a news round delivering newspapers and magazines.

When 8.30 came you could find me in a classroom usually fast asleep. That might account for the fact I could not read until I was 13 years old when luckily a very lovely old English Teacher decided it was her mission in life to turn me from a possible life of crime. I am grateful to say she did, she was my life changer.

Race forward to 2009 on a very cold winter’s night outside a tube station in North london I met my next life changer. Cristina who when I turned was just smiling up at me with the biggest pair of brown eyes and the widest of smiles. I was hooked and defensless and remain so 8 years later.

Finally the third life changer was the ladder that collapsed under my weight whilst painting the roof on my forth coming mountain cafe. I truely believe that day a writer was born of English mixed with Welsh and possibly Peaky Blinder roots now livingĀ  and working in Colombia in South America.