An Intro to just some of the features, objects and characters in “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk”

I promised I would give you a brief intro to some of what and who you will read about in the forth coming book of short stories that all come together in the finale.

So Features first:

The sun and it’s relationship with a rather troublesome Mountain.

The Old craggy road verses the annoying new road with its coat of shiny reflectors.

Then some of the Objects:

An Old people’s home that every now and then had a good story to tell by one of it’s patients.

An abandoned Willy Jeep who once was a in the Phillipines back in 1945.

A little sombrero that befriended a strange man who spoke no Spanish.

A 100 peso coin who decided to bring luck to the same strange man.

A not so impetuous old scorpion who was more than happy to take on the strange man’s finger.

A hummingbird who was a definite hit with the ladies.

Some Characters:

Stalin the street man who walked everywhere with a rock in his hand and memory that only lasted 24 hours each time.

Rosa a young Nun who when all her friends were snoring she was just singing.

Ximena the sexy senora with the buttocks to die for on her equally beautiful quadbike.

Ignacio the retiring truck driver who like his grandfather knew when to say little to gain much.

Well I hope the above will wet your appetite to read all of the book. What I do promise is that book 2 “At Last the Barbarians are Sleeping” continues the lives of many and introduces a lot more new to read and wonder if they are true or not.

Just waiting now for the release date and I am expecting it soon.

Thank you to all who have liked and followed me so far.

Chao para ahora

Mike B

“Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” is coming soon!!

Today was another superb day for me, and as you can guess I am a little surprised by it all. My publishers sent me the final typeset with new illustrations that they felt would enrich the book further for the reads.

I had to agree with them and I am very grateful for their input. Where they excelled was the front and back cover, without any of them ever seeing what I have seen over the past four years and to capture it so perfectly gave me goose pumps that I could never imagine experiencing.

I wanted to add their images to the Set Featured Image but for some unknown reason it would not accept a PDF image. Could anyone out there advise me on what to do?

Now all the approvals have been made so now down to the printing process and the adding to as many lists as possible. I would also apreciate any thoughts you may have too on this matter.

Adios para ahora mis amigos y amigas

Mike B


How a few hours can change a life…..

Yesterday I took the huge step in creating my first Blog and later just as I was heading to my  bed I was notified that 2 people had read my first thoughts and liked them. So first a massive thank you to the 2 followers concerned.

I know success is measured in the millions in this age, but going from zero to 2 in one hour is success for me. I followed this step with a follow up email to my publishers in the UK requesting an update on the launch of the first book. This morning I woke up to a returned email answer telling me that this very day they are going to send me the final proof I need to approve for typeset, front and back covers etc!

So now I have felt twice as successful today. It does not end there hahaha.

I then had to visit my Colombian doctor and he gave me brilliant news, my blood pressure had returned to a normal state of affairs, my calesterol was minimal and I had successfully over the last 3 months gone from 109 kgs to 86 kgs!

Finally today is the 27th and that number has followed me for as long as I can remember. when I joined the human race I was born on the 27th. When I joined that famous flying club as a Junior Executive called The Royal Air Force my last 3 digits of my military number was 127.

When one year later they sent me on my first posting overseas to Germany my crate weighed 127 kgs. I lived in room 27 for 3 years.

When I opened my first bank account that I had for 27 years the last 3 digits were yep 127.

When I met Cristina nearly 10 years ago it turned out her birthday was on the 27th and her sons also on the 27th. Yes today is the 27th and it is her birthday.

Success comes in many forms and ways. One day I am going to write a book that will have 27 chapters. not sure when maybe on the 27th next year. hahaha

as I promised I will start to intoduce the characters in the next blog.


Mike B

“Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk”

Hi my name is Mike Bowley and I have been living here in Colombia with my lovely wife Isabel Cristina Rueda Nieto Bowley for just under 5 years. We are both 62 and there the similarities end. I am English and she is pure Colombian.

She has a long name and I have a short one. I have white hair and a pale complexion and she is the most beautiful South American I know. I am tall she is short. She looks 42 I look 142. But we both have great sense of humour and many stories to tell.

Hence why I have decided at such an early age to put pen to paper, or fingers to computer key board and write my first book of short stories culmination in one big finale where all characters have a part to play.

I knew I could follow down the road of a Travelling Blogger and maybe someone would actually read my thoughts. But I suffered a major bang on the head two years ago and out has poured stores of fantasy, magic, realia, truth and pure lies. You the wonderful future readers will have to decide.

I am awaiting the launch date of “Adventurous Tales From A Mountain Walk” (English version – release date in next 2 weeks and followed by the Spanish version sometime in January)

In my next blog I will introduce you to some of the characters and you will dicide who is real and who is not hahaha

chao para ahora

Mike B